Saturday, April 25, 2009

American Girl Store and Bistro

Last Sunday the 2RedHens and I followed Mr. Johnson back to ATL to visit the American Girl Store and to eat lunch at the bistro for the little hen's birthday. We had so much fun. E got Mia (her AG doll) a new hairstyle, new clothes, a pet, and a bag to carry her in......i know you saying and how much was all that.....and i'm pleading the 5th just in case Mr. Johnson decides to take up blog reading....ha........ A who doesn't have a AG doll borrowed this sweet doll to eat luch with her and named her Lucille.....but was calling her have to know her to get her unique humor...... a bought the new doll of the year Chrissa's movie and we have watched it about 20 times this past week......they love it.......and i love it because it teaches wonderful lessons in life in a very wholesome manner......those movies are hard to come by in these days and times. We had some very funny conversations while on our trip and i share one from each hens as i go and more pics........

1st the Little RedHen.........

Little Hen: (upon coming home from the AG store) "Momma who cleaned our room and made our beds?"
Momma: "The housekeeping does that"
LittleHen: "Wow! Can we move to a hotel so i don't have to make my bed anymore!"

I do believe this girl better marry someone who can afford to take care of her.......she really does love extravagant things!

Now for the BigHen...................

BigHen: "Oh.....I'm really gonna wish that i had asked santa for one of these dolls......"
LittleHen: "I tried to tell you how much fun this was going to be usual you didn't listen to me"
BigHen: "Well, maybe i'll start now!"
Momma: "I think you just caught up in the excitement of the day. do you think you would really play with a doll?"
Big Hen: "Probably not......but E thinks she knows that i would!"

I must say I sure do love these 2RedHens!!!!!!!! And if you have girls and haven't made the trip to Alpharetta, GA it's soooooooo worth it!

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