Wednesday, November 4, 2009

should i get my eyes checked?

so.... just the other day mr johnson says to me "i think i have figured out my problem when i'm out hunting." addie who is just within hear-shot pipes-in with "what getting the deer to come in where you can shoot them?!" i just fall in the floor laughing and mr johnson who i might add is not laughing says "well, no daughter, i was going to say that i cannot see the deer coming in because i'm not wearing my glasses; but........"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Backseat Dialogs.....

so..... i'm starting a new topic and it's the interesting and comical conversations that go on between the 2RedHens and each other or one of them and me or Mr. Johnson, or any combination of these people. I've posted some of these before but now i'll be posting them more frequently...... so starting tomorrow the Backseat Dialogs, buckle up... it's going to be a a crazy ride......ha!

Boo Y'all!

Here they are Halloween 2009 Pictures....... Elliott decided to be a Calico Kitty this year and Addie wanted to be a Punk Rocker...... So, in true 2RedHens style we glammed it up and rocked it out!!! We dressed up for school on Friday. Then on Saturday it was off to church for the GIC and Pumpkin Patch Party. The girls children choir sang before the Pumpkin Patch, the 2RedHens didn't dress up again they just played...... and play they did.... I think they had more fun this year than ever because we kinda let them go and didn't follow them around the entire time...... I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween...... Now it time to......Bring on the Turkey!

Monday, November 2, 2009

has she finally found her calling.......

Well.... maybe not...... but the Big RedHen has been taking violin lessons at school for the past 5 weeks. Hartselle City started last year with a program that introduced violin to all 3rd graders. Mr. Frank from the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra was the teacher and he came twice a week for lessons. He taught them using the Suzuki approach, and let me just say I was truly amazed at what a roomful of 3rd graders had accomplished in such a short amount of time. The parents were invited for a recital on the last day to see what all had been learned. They had learned all the parts of the violin and actually played several songs. Well, they were playing the accompaniment for Mr. Frank, but I was impressed! But..... her calling.....well..... let's just say were still looking.....