Saturday, April 25, 2009

American Girl Store and Bistro

Last Sunday the 2RedHens and I followed Mr. Johnson back to ATL to visit the American Girl Store and to eat lunch at the bistro for the little hen's birthday. We had so much fun. E got Mia (her AG doll) a new hairstyle, new clothes, a pet, and a bag to carry her in......i know you saying and how much was all that.....and i'm pleading the 5th just in case Mr. Johnson decides to take up blog reading....ha........ A who doesn't have a AG doll borrowed this sweet doll to eat luch with her and named her Lucille.....but was calling her have to know her to get her unique humor...... a bought the new doll of the year Chrissa's movie and we have watched it about 20 times this past week......they love it.......and i love it because it teaches wonderful lessons in life in a very wholesome manner......those movies are hard to come by in these days and times. We had some very funny conversations while on our trip and i share one from each hens as i go and more pics........

1st the Little RedHen.........

Little Hen: (upon coming home from the AG store) "Momma who cleaned our room and made our beds?"
Momma: "The housekeeping does that"
LittleHen: "Wow! Can we move to a hotel so i don't have to make my bed anymore!"

I do believe this girl better marry someone who can afford to take care of her.......she really does love extravagant things!

Now for the BigHen...................

BigHen: "Oh.....I'm really gonna wish that i had asked santa for one of these dolls......"
LittleHen: "I tried to tell you how much fun this was going to be usual you didn't listen to me"
BigHen: "Well, maybe i'll start now!"
Momma: "I think you just caught up in the excitement of the day. do you think you would really play with a doll?"
Big Hen: "Probably not......but E thinks she knows that i would!"

I must say I sure do love these 2RedHens!!!!!!!! And if you have girls and haven't made the trip to Alpharetta, GA it's soooooooo worth it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elliott Claire Johnson....

On this day 6 years ago we were blessed with our second RedHen......and not a day goes by that we aren't reminded how wonderful she is! She was born at 11:15 am ....weighing 7lbs6oz and was 19 inches long........and we've been in love with her ever since! Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!!!!! We Love You!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

He is Risen........He is Risen Indeed!

We had a wonderful Easter 2009. PGBC (our church) had a fantastic walk through Easter event for the families this year, and we loved it! Then we hunted eggs of only took the kids 5 minutes to find over 500 eggs! I think we broke last year's record.......

wow....I hope they always love each other this much!
We hope everyone's Easter was as full of Blessings as the Johnson's was!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Today I'm taking me fishing.......

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I know our family did..... This pic was taken at the Sherrill Compound Easter day. It's my 2RedHens and my little bro's kids.....Kamo and Jessie Gage.....who are a hoot! Gage started asking papa to take him fishing as soon as he got there.....and i was asking him how his new adventures into t-ball were going......i was laughing so hard! FYI just ask a 5 year old have they stolen any bases yet and get ready for the laughter!

Mr. Johnson had to leave again Sunday afternoon and will be gone for 3 weeks this The girls and i are following him back down next Sunday and taking E to the American Girl Doll Store for her Birthday......(yes, they are taking 2 "educational field trip days" from school), fun, fun.....i cannot wait for that!'s off to bed for me......I've got to work job still rocks.....i met with my very own bride today and I'm excited to be helping her with her wedding! here's one more pic of the kiddo's on Easter (Sawyer my older bro's little boy wasn't in attendance.....

Incase your wondering the title of my post comes from a song by Eric it!!!!!!

I woke up early this morning......And I'm already running late....There's a list of things long as my arm....I won't get done today.....Is it Tuesday, is it Wednesday....They're running into each other....Somebody tell me when it's my day....Man this life can sure be a mother...:So tomorrow I'm taking me fishing.... Hang a sign on the door of my life.....Tell the world that I've gone missing....And I won't be back for a while.....I'm so tired of only wishing.... I could leave my trouble behind......I wanna be front porch rocking....With the big sun dropping in a blue sky.....Kick back and get high ....On the livin' part of life