Friday, February 20, 2009


So....i haven't mentioned it but i am the room-momma for both of my redhens classes. Well, today was my little redhen's teachers birthday. and if i do say so myself i came up with the cutest ideas ever! to start i had all the kido's wear red shirts today (the favorite color of the mrs. s of course)along with delivering her reese cup's ( her candy bar of choice). And let me say, i was concerned if this would work but when i got there to do jr. achievement this morning there were 19 adorable smiling faces all in red shirts....along with reese cup's covering mrs. s's desk. and on a side note today was also class picture day....and let me just say that all kids in red shirts sure makes for a fabulous class back to the birthday present.....anyway, before i started my lesson i asked the kids if they wanted to give mrs. s her present...and of course they all cheered....and we presented her her here i must say that this present took about a month to pull together but i was so worth it.....she opened her gift and found this......

she loved it! i had each child's parent take them to the local craft store and pick a charm that represented them and i put them on a charm bracelet....and then i did a little list of who got what and why and made it pretty and gave her that....(i'm not putting it on here because of privacy issues) but i will say my little redhen got the diamond star because she is fancy and a star! (her words not mine) wrap things up today i rock as a room-momma!!!!!! it's a good day a very good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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